Hi! I’m Sheryl.

I am a freelance makeup artist specializing in SFX and theatrical makeup, and enjoy creating looks for any format with a passion for the extreme. When all the other girls were playing with dolls I was playing pigments, glitters, paint and watching Tales From the Crypt. It was a natural progression to become a make-up

A lot of my creations and inspiration come from some of my favorite horror films.  I’m always looking to create something new, edgy and fun, and my friends can’t wait to see what I come up with when Halloween roles around!

In addition to creating horror and SFX I also like to challenge my skills with unique, distinctive, and beautiful looks.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I do creating it!





As a native of South Florida, I have enjoyed living in the Palm Beach County area all my life. I like living close to the beach and ocean and am a fan of the natural native habitats.

I have a strong interest in the industry of special effects (SFX) with a specific focus on special effects makeup. Over the years I have developed a talent and passion for art, having an early start with pen & ink, and colors of every spectrum. Working with more defined drawings, paintings, and sketches, I realized that I had a true interest in how colors can be manipulated into countless shades.


My work at Party City, which began when I was 16, gave me a great opportunity to explore my interest further as well as learning how to interact effectively with the public. Halloween has become my favorite holiday and customers who had a need for guidance in special effects makeup were my favorites. I liked being able to suggest different kits and colorings along with appropriate accessories to complete their desired look.


An early fan of horror movies, I have followed that genre (Tom Savini, Ve Neill, Rick Baker, Michael Westmore) for a long time. Any 80’s Horror flicks are a guilty pleasure because that’s when special effects makeup really entered the movie genre, making nightmares come to life and scaring people out of their skin (pun intended) is just something I love to do. A dedicated follower of Face Off, I enjoy watching the creativity unfold as contestants craft their challenges. Taking a mystical creature from a fantasy planet beyond our world and bringing it to life is something that I want to do. I believe this is well within my expertise.

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Aside from my retail work, I enjoy cooking, art and comparing my past makeups with techniques I use now.


SPECIALTIES: Special Effects Makeup, SFX Makeup, Cashiering, Floor Sales, Customer Service, Inventory Stock, Merchandising, Problem Solving, Customer Relations, Painting, Art, Drawing




I am a makeup artist specializing in both beauty, believe it or not, and special effects/character makeup. Below is just a small sampling of some of my creations.
The “Queen Bee” is actually the first prosthetic I’ve created and I was quite pleased with the results!





Based in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. I specialize in horror make-up for film and TV, as well as special effects make-up applications.

Almost all of my creations I create on myself! Trying to get models to sit for me isn’t an easy task with everyone’s schedules.

I’m professional yet personable , easy to work with and strive for perfection! I’m constantly challenging myself to come up with new ideas and creations! I’ll be continually adding to this gallery as my imagination comes to life!
Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong



Misc Makeup

Every now and again I take a break from my love of horror and try something new. Below are a few examples of various makeup techniques I’ve tried. I’m especially fond of the “Pop Art” creation and received numerous compliments about it. Another fun time I had was doing the “Cheetah Eyes”. I think I need to dabble into more animal like effects.




Thanks for visiting my site and hope you enjoyed looking at my makeup artistry!

If you’re currently in need of a makeup artist for film or theatrical endeavors please contact me and we can discuss your needs and wants! I look forward to hearing from you!